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High-throughput Drug Screening Services

GRL, Inc. offers technology, expertise and services to support the drug discovery efforts of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

GRL provides customers with access to key methodologies to rationally identify ways to increase the efficacy/potency of their existing drugs in development.

Using a library of siRNA reagents in a viable cell model, together with a highly automated screening platform, GRL, Inc. can identify previously unrecognized genes/pathways that are associated with a drug's mechanism of action.

Testing small molecule inhibitors against these same targets allows the rapid identification of synergizing moieties that can enhance the activity of the initial therapeutic. Cross-examination of the performance of these combinations across a large number of cell lines maintained by the company allows validation of the selectivity and specificity while ensuring minimized toxicity.

GRL collaborates with its partners in these screening initiatives in selection of the appropriate cell model, assay format, siRNA library and data evaluation models. High-throughput screens are highly flexible and the customization is essential to ensure that output will help identify the potential "needles in the hay stack". This service can be used to identify genes associated with pharmacotherapies in cancer, viral diseases (such as hepatitis and HIV) and a broad array of other therapeutic areas.

GRL, Inc. is using this approach, to pursue synergizing targets for botanical formulas in malignant melanomas, lung, ovary, prostate and hematologic malignancies.

Proteomics Products & Services Focus Protein Array Service

GRL has established a core laboratory to design, assemble, test and market antibody arrays (protein chips).

Protein micro-array is an emerging area in the biotechnology industry. Protein micro-array technology can be applied to many biomedical research and disease diagnostics areas, such as, Cytokine Detection, Wound healing, Biomarker discovery, Cancer research and Diagnostics, Allergy research, Serum profiling, Flu pandemic and other infectious disease research, protein-protein interactions, drug screening and new drug discovery.

The development of Protein Array technology started from 90s of the last century. By taking the advantage of the recent maturation of spotting technology which is widely used in DNA arrays, protein array technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, with regard to new array materials and coating chemistry. The first generation of Protein Array products are antibody arrays. Recently antigen arrays have gained interest in the market.


Protein microarrays are fabricated by depositing proteins (antibody or antigen) on 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional surfaces to generate addressable spots. Array substrates used to produce protein microarrays include glass and silicon surfaces coated with a chemically or physically functional layer for covalent or non-covalent immobilization. Assays on protein microarrays utilize small volumes of biological samples and simultaneously determine the abundance of analytes of interest. GRL offers full protein array production services to its customers interested in accessing this technology. These services include protein identification, spotting, array reaction/assay development, imaging and image analysis and report generation.

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