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Botanical Drug Products (BDPs)

GRL, Inc. is in the process of screening more than 10,000 botanical and plant extracts identified in Classic Chinese Medicine (CCM) and Ayurvedic medicine as potential botanical drug products for use in the treatment of diseases that are of specific importance in military medicine (battle-field Medicine) and oncology. GRL has active research programs in wound/bone healing, infectious diseases as well as various forms of cancer. GRL plans to develop these novel therapeutic moieties for a variety of human conditions and diseases.

Combination formulae using a strategic blend of plant extracts with both apoptotic and immune modulating activity will be created that can used to target cancer and infectious agents. In addition, the company's bioinformatics search engine of many botanical and herbal databases has identified several combinations of products that can potentially be used to facilitate and accelerate wound and bone healing.

GRL anticipates bringing such therapeutic products to market as Botanical Drug Products after completing all research studies and clinical trials necessary to gain FDA approval.

Botanical Drug Products for Cancer Treatment

One of GRL Incí»s main strategic goals is to identify and test botanical drug products (BDPs) that may potentially be used alone or in combination with standard chemotherapeutic agents, while reducing toxicity without compromising efficacy. In addition, because of their known bio-safety (well documented, long history of human use), botanical formulas will be tested for their potential in reducing cancer incidence in high-risk populations, such as ex-smokers and smokers, as well as improving the overall quality of life (e.g., reducing pain, enhancing immunity) for patients with advanced and terminal stage cancers.

Proteomics Products & Services Focus

In addition to its therapeutic formulas and molecules, GRL, Inc. is developing a platform for its drug discovery process that includes the application of micro-array technology to investigate the effect of BDPs on targeted disease processes. The company has established a core laboratory facility to design, assemble, test and market several antibody arrays (protein chip) to monitor key biomarkers indicative of the disease process.

The applications of these protein chips include:

The applications of antibodies include:

Whole Genome SiRNA Library (WGSL) screening.

Chemically synthesized double stranded RNA molecules (siRNAs) have been shown to be able to silence specific target genes within cells in culture. Recently several manufacturers have introduced 'libraries' of such reagents that are able to target each gene in the genome.

Using its existing library of >21,000 SiRNA reagents, covering each gene in the human genome, together with its automation infrastructure, GRL will screen these products to identify new gene targets for therapeutic intervention in oncology. Identification of such targets allows small molecule therapeutic development against these targets or the use of the siRNAs alone as therapeutics in their own right.



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