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General Research Laboratory

General Research Laboratory, Inc. (GRL) was established in 2005 as a biopharmaceutical company in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The company is focusing on developing innovative technologies to serve the pharmaceutical industry and the discovery of novel therapeutics to treat diseases and conditions related to battlefield medicine and military personnel.

GRL currently holds proprietary technologies on the use of an Epoxy Encapsulated Magnetic Nanoparticle (EEMNP) system for drug delivery in oncology. The company also has active programs in Whole-Genome siRNA Library (WGSL)-based high throughput screening for identification of novel drug targets and for re-invigoration of failed drugs in late stages of clinical testing. GRL has used these platform technologies in the identification of RNAi therapeutic candidates for treatment of prostate cancer and the improvement of wound healing. In addition, the company is actively engaged in the identification of optimal combination therapeutic regimens, including use of botanical drug candidates. GRL has strong scientific and clinical advisory boards and an experienced management team.

In addition, GRL has formed strategic alliances with leading scientists and pioneer physicians in the US and abroad. Its state-of-the-art laboratories are located in the I-270 biotech corridor near Washington DC. The labs are fully equipped for molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, high throughput screening and data management.


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